Time-tracking Software, Uses And Benefits

Time-tracking software

Time-tracking software is a category of computer software that allows its employees to record time spent on tasks or projects. The software is used in many industries, including those who employee freelancers and hourly workers. It is also used by professionals who bill their customers by the hour. These include lawyers, freelancers and accountants. The tool could be used stand-alone or be integrated with other applications like project management software, customer support and accounting to name just a few. Time tracking software is the electronic version of the traditional paper timesheet. Tracking time can increase productivity, as businesses can track time spent on tasks and get a better understanding of what practices causes the employees to waste time. Time tracking software enhances accountability, by documenting the time it takes to finish given tasks. The data is collected in database and could be used for data analysis by the human resources departments. Features offered by time-tracking software include:

Time-tracking software can be:

Timesheet software is software used to maintain timesheets. It was popularized when computers were first introduced to the office environment with the goal of automating heavy paperwork for big organizations. Timesheet software allows entering time spent performing different tasks.

When used within companies, employees enter the time they’ve spent on tasks into electronic timesheets. These timesheets can then be approved or rejected by supervisors or project managers.

Since 2006, timesheet software has been moving to mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc.) enabling better tracking of employees whose work involves multiple locations.

Time-tracking/recording software automates the time-tracking process by recording the activities performed on a computer and the time spent on each of them. This software is intended to be an improvement over timesheet software. Its goal is to offer a general picture of computer usage. Automatic time-tracking/recording software records and shows the usage of applications, documents, games, websites, etc.

When used within companies, this software allows monitoring the productivity of employees by recording the tasks they perform on their computers. It can be used to help filling out timesheets.

When used by freelancers, this software helps to create reports for clients (e.g. timesheets and invoices) or to prove work that was done.

There are several ways companies track employee time using time tracking software.

Time tracking software can assist businesses in making an effective decision. A robust and flexible solution is made available to business managers through time tracking software. It enables easy monitoring of every worker’s performance, while business managers to ensure consistency in output.
Time tracking software consists of a suite of modules that are divided into several sections, which include work, reference, efficiency and feedback. Several business applications offer managers the flexibility to monitor and manage employees from any location or platform.
Time tracking software gives managers and supervisors the flexibility to keep track of all activities, expenses and information with ease. Managers can manage schedules, allocate work, assign time to each employee and control daily and weekly activities and tasks.
The application of time management software can provide specific benefits to companies. Time tracking software enables managers to keep track of their employees’ output, allowing them to make adjustments if needed. The feature of “the ability to add or remove employees” makes it possible for managers to change employee workloads, allowing time to be spent on training and other activities.
Time tracking software can improve workflow, as employees will find it easier to know their hourly rate and not waste their time. The application provides managers with a flexible and cost-effective solution to reduce costs. They can set priorities based on quality, which can mean less wastage of money and time.
Time tracking software helps to ensure a cost-efficient application. A flexible time clock, which allows the manager to allocate work according to their needs, can also reduce expenses and risks, as managers can control and monitor employees’ activities, thereby reducing the risk of employee theft and losses.
Flexibility of application allows managers to create a customized time clock, which has a number of options, such as multiple types of time zones, which can make it possible for employees to operate in an efficient manner. The application can facilitate important meetings and allow managers to offer critical input.
Managers can easily apply the time tracking application, and it does not take a lot of time to implement. Some applications can be used in just a few minutes, while others can be customized in order to suit an organization’s needs.
Managers can schedule employees’ time, as well as allocating more time for training and personal development activities. With time tracking software, employees can be rewarded for their effort, performance and contribution. Managers can track and measure time, so they can make better decisions.

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