– Did you set out to be an accountant?
– Is working on your accounts and VAT Return the best way of spending time at work?
– Do you really want to spend your spare time doing books and worrying about VAT?
You got where you are today by developing and applying your technical and personal skills.

Why spend precious time doing the accounts and VAT when it would be far better spent doing more of what you are good at?

Although job satisfaction and other benefits play their part, primarily you are in business to make money. Alexander Ene can help you to make more by doing your books and taking care of your VAT Return, leaving you time to concentrate on managing your business.

Our complete VAT service includes the following:

– Transaction recording using one of our computer software or one that you prefer.
– Calculation of the amount of VAT payable or repayable.
– Completing your VAT Return ready for submission to HM Customs and Revenue.
– For New businesses we will process your VAT Registration by completing the necessary forms on your behalf and carrying out all the steps required for full VAT registration.

Please CONTACT US for an informal discussion on how we can provide you with an excellent VAT service.

Alexander Ene Helping you to get more out of your business.