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Bookkeeping is fun!

Believe it or not, we happen to enjoy providing Bookkeeping service to our clients. It’s our job to get the books straight and keep them that way. We will collect all the receipts, bank statements and other papers and make sure that they are filed correctly to meet the requirements of the VAT office and all at the least cost and inconvenience to you.
We take pride in keeping the accounting records up to date, making sure the analysis is right and that the accounts balance.
Wouldn’t it be the ideal to have a machine into which you could place all the accounting books and the rest is done for you? Unfortunately, we’re a long way from this, and it would mean no more bookkeeping fun for us. So, if you want to
concentrate on running your business, allow us to concentrate on what we do best, managing your accounts.
Alexander Ene will enjoy doing your accounts and bookkeeping leaving you to enjoy not doing them!

As your business grows, the workload increases and it becomes important to use skilled professionals in every aspect of the business including accounting. During that time, the business owner has  two alternatives. Either get an internal bookkeeper to carry out the bookkeeping function or get small business bookkeeping services from a firm of accountants. The previous method is filled with limitations, while the last has a number of inherent advantages that can free significant amount of resources, consequently assisting the business in its expansion process.

Before reviewing the fundamental benefits of outsourcing a bookkeeping service to an accounting company, it is rewarding to recognize the constraints of internal bookkeeping service. Companies which have a tendency to hire specialists have to invest significant amount of time, energy and money in their employment, training and acclimatization with the firm’s environment and procedures. In doing so, their emphasis can move away from their main business, bringing about a decline in the quality of service and customers.

Benefits of local business accounting and bookkeeping service

1. A trained professional will be responsible for recording intricate accounting data such as sales, payments, invoices, petty cash and purchases. These transactions have to be recorded right into the appropriate day book, basic ledger, customers and suppliers accounts. Although these tasks may seem straightforward, it is not so. It needs a high level competence and accuracy to carry out the work efficientely.

In an expanding business these transaction recording functions are better performed by a trained and experience bookkeeper. Accountants in London who provide bookkeeping services such as Alexander Ene, employ the best ability in the market for executing accounting and bookkeeping services for their clients. In this way, they are able to offer their clients a much better service than internal bookkeeping employee would do.

2. Services of small company bookkeeping providers can be a good deal cheaper than in-house accounting professionals. You don’t have to worry about overhead costs like work space, pensions and holiday pay. By doing this, local business owners are able to get premium quality solutions at a proportion of the rate of a full time internal bookkeeper.

3. External bookkeeping services will take care of your data security. They will ensure that unapproved individuals are not able to access your business data. On top of that, they will keep backup of  your data remotely outside of the business premises.

Following from above, it can be seen that working with a local business accounting company for the provision of your bookkeeping and accounting function has a number of vital advantages like cost saving, enhanced protection and great top quality services.

If you are a local business proprietor who requires expert bookkeeping and accounting service, contact us and we will show you what an excellent service we  provide.