Top 6 Accounting Software for Small Business In UK

Best small business accounting software UK
A good accounting software is essential for small business

Why should a UK small business acquire an accounting software for small business? Earnings are the first thing that a small business needs in order to survive. Small business accounting software provides a special view into the earnings performance, therefore enabling a small business owner to make fast choices concerning prices, marketing, products, wages and so on.

Cash is another item that a small business needs to monitor consistently. A lot of small businesses struggle with cash flow and need to make the most out of their available cash in order not to become a business at risk of running out of cash. Cash flow is affected by so many different variables that, without a small business accounting program, there is no other way to monitor a business cash flow.

How to Figure Out the Ideal Small Business Accounting Software to Buy

An accounting software for small business is a must for any small business serious about its survival. Unless the owner of the business is an accounting professional, he or she is going to need help when looking for the best accounting and bookkeeping software for their business.

accounting software for small business UK

Before getting an accounting package, a small business proprietor needs to establish what the business requires with regards to accounting software. Unfortunately, in many cases small company owners skip this part and simply run down to the shop and buy the first thing they see on the shelve.

Business owners need to establish before hand if they require a simple accounting system to just record sales, expenditures, cash and bank transactions, or if they have a complicated stock and work in progress system and a big payroll to integrate into different cost frameworks or several branches to keep under control, which would necessitate an advanced computerised accounting system.

The most ideal approach is to list the requirements of the business, explore different small business accounting software packages and match their needs with the software functions. If this comes to be too hard, consult your accountant to see to it you get the most effective outcome. If buying online, call or chat with a sales representative.

The Best Accounting Software for Small Company In UK

You are running a small business in the UK with success being your main aim. You want to keep a strong grip on finances in order to succeed. Proper money management and bookkeeping become vital to keeping the business moving in the right direction.

Having an excellent small business accounting software will save you a ton of time and money. There are many small business account software in the UK market, making your choice for the best difficult. As we are experts in the field, we offer you the following list covering six best small business accounting software UK.

Free Agent Small Business Accounting Software

This online accounting software is a relative new comer to the UK small business accounting software market. However it is becoming increasingly popular with some small business owners, accountants, and freelancers. The accounting software, available on desktop PC’s and smart phones alike helps you to manage payroll, tax returns, invoices, and other accounting tasks.


– Able to create estimates and invoices
– Comes with a time tracking ability
– A dashboard for visual monitoring of cash flow, tax bills, expenses, and profits
– Connects you to your bank accounts for secure banking.


– The dashboards offer you many possibilities
– Comes with convenient navigation – Provides ideal features to small business owners and freelancers


– The user interface feature seems outdated

– Has few add-ons

– Offers you a few reports.

QuickBooks Accounting Software For Small Business

Referred to as QuickBooks small business software, it provides you a daily track on all your expenses, sales, and other daily transactions. You can use it to generate management reports, tax filing, pay bills, and invoice customers.


– Cloud accounting available on your PC or smart phone
– Ability to track expenses
– Creation of custom sales receipts, invoices, and estimate figures
– Generation of custom made reports for proper management
– Able to carry out cash flow transactions
– Offers automatic backups, high data security, and has unlimited support


– Offers efficiency and ease of use
– Gives good management reports
– Compatible with other applications


– Unstable and crashes often
– Limits users
– Problem with file sizes.

small business accounting software uk

Xero Accounting Software For Small Business

The Xero small business accounting software is web-based. It is ideal for small and upcoming businesses. It offers secure connection with advisors and visual tracking of financial transactions.


– The accounts software can create and keep track of recurring invoices
– Its mobile app is compatible with tablets, iPad, Android phones, and iPhone
– Xero accounting software uk can create inventory items
– It works with multi-currencies to reconcile your foreign currency accounts
– It’s compatible with many third-party applications
– It has the ability to carry out file attachments
– It can manage purchase orders and expenses


– Allows for easy online collaboration

– The Xero small business accounting software is user-friendly
– It works well as an online accounting software
– The software is compatible with many devices


– Xero accounting software does not enable inventory tracking
– It restricts the number of transactions in a period
– Xero account software is only good for small businesses.

Despite its short comings, Xero is regarded as one of the best accounting software for small business in the UK.

Zoho Small Business Accounting Software

This accounts software offers several accounting packages for your business needs. It works well as customer relationship management software with procurement, accounting, and inventory functions.


– Zoho accounts software is able to visually analyze data for reports generation and easy drag and drop interface
– It can connect to any data source
– It carries out in-depth analytics
– The software comes with a spreadsheet-like interface
– It offers limited access controls to others
– It is a highly secure accounting package for small business


– Like a lot of the best accounting software for small business UK, Zoho allows for daily activities automation
– It can provide valuable customer history data
– It can be used on smart phones
– Zoho small businesses accounting software integrates well with other application


– Navigation issues
– This accounting software has limited functionalities compared to rival software programmes
– In the past, users Zoho have reported usability issues with the software.

best small business accounting software uk

Sage Line 50 Accounting Software

The Sage Company leads in the provision of enterprise resource planning software. It has a wide range of accounting packages including the Sage 50. The Sage 50 is used as s desktop accounting software by small businesses. Sage is a UK company. As a result its accounting software are taylor made for the UK accounting system. Using sage, one can carry out essential accounting functions that are required for small UK businesses.


– Sage is able to carry out cash flow management and other accounting transactions.
– The software comes with proper job management and inventory ability.
– It is able to perform fixed assets and projects management.
– With sage line 50 accounting software you can generates many quality management reports


– Sage line 50 accounting software is an accurate and sound accounting software.
– It allows for information customisation
– It produces accurate and detailed financial reports
– It comes with a sound inventory reporting system


– Navigation can be difficult for new users
– The sage accounting software for small UK business can make some tasks look too complicated.

Fresh Books Accounting Software

Fresh Books is one of the

Fresh Books is one of the best self employed accounting software in UK. It is ideal only for the very small businesses that are not VAT registered due to the fact that it is not MTD compatible . It will help you in front end accounting, collation, and sending out important information to your clients.


– Fresh Books small business accounts software offer easy invoicing
– It is built with an easy to use and guiding interface
– It has an efficient payroll information function
– Provides useful and accurate time tracking
– It Incorporates an integrated payment functionality


– This software offer unlimited access to data
– It allows for simultaneous time and expenses tracking
– It allows for perfect management reports generation
– It’s accounting preparation functions are easy to understand


– It has limited compatibility with other applications

– Minor bugs have been reported.

– not suitable for businesses with turnover of more than 85K due to it lack of MTD functionality.

All these small business accounts software have their benefit as well as downsides. The onus is on the small business to select the one that matches their requirements. So pick wisely and make sure before you buy that the software that you choose is the right one for your business.

Every one of these accounting software for small business is distinct in their own way. It depends on the small business to select the one that suits their requirements. So choose wisely, and ensure that it is the best small business accounting program for your business.

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