Tax issues for small businesses

This page is intended to be an information resource for small businesses and their owners. The links below provide answers to frequently asked questions, access to technical briefings and useful web addresses. If you can’t find what you are looking for here please use the contact us page to email us your problem.

What do I do when I go self-employed
Which Tax Office deals with my Income Tax affairs?
What are the rates of tax for 2015-2016?
What is IR35 about?
What is Self Assessment?
What are the important dates under Self Assessment?
I am taking someone on – what do I have to do?
What is the Construction Industry Scheme?

Vat issues for small businesses

Most businesses are subject to the Value Added Tax legislation and the rules can be complex. Below are links to important areas of the Customs & Excise website:

Should I Be Registered for VAT?
How do I fill in my VAT return?
What is Cash Accounting?
Do I get penalised if my VAT return is wrong?

Other issues for small businesses

We are often asked very similar questions by our small business customers. Here are a selection of the more important ones linking to official guidance:

I am a company director, what are my responsibilities?
What are the Working Time Regulations?
What do I need to know about the National Minimum Wage?
How does the Data Protection Act affect my business?